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Tha Mi Sgith
Changing the world, one bagpipe playing genderqueer at a time.
Oh hai! 
21st-Aug-2009 11:30 am
Well, I guess I'm back to updating this thing again. I'm doing really well. I"m down at the transition part of the program, which is basically a house downtown where I live, cook, and chill at. Right now I only have one other housemate, which is quite nice. School starts Monday, and I'm going to take ASL, ballet, anthropology, 2D design, and English. I'm excited.

I just got back from a home visit/teen Celtic camp, which was amazing but also hard. I know now that I just can't move back to Santa Cruz any time soon. There are so many memories and old ways of being that I have moved on from and can't afford to revisit. Seeing old faces was on a certain level great but on another level very difficult. It's hard to piece together the old me with my old friends and the new me who lives at a treatment center in Idaho. I think that I'm doing a decent job though.

Yeah, that's about it. It's interesting looking back at this journal.
22nd-Aug-2009 12:22 am (UTC)

I'm so glad to hear from you like this. School sounds wonderful - I have a good friend who's an ASL interpreter, and I am constantly amazed as how beautiful the language is. Let me know if you ever need help with English, okay? :)

And I understand about visits like that. If you come back here again this year, I hope we can meet up here, but if not, maybe we'll figure something else out!

22nd-Aug-2009 06:14 am (UTC)
I'm glad things are working out so well for you, though sorry to hear you won't be back anytime soon. While our interaction has been limited, I've always thought you were really really cool.
22nd-Aug-2009 11:21 pm (UTC)
are you visitable at this point? if i have a long weekend i might be able to make it out to idaho, especially if i find someone heading home to spokane or something. looks like bussing it would be more challenging, but want to know if it something i should be looking into.

i miss you.
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