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Tha Mi Sgith
Changing the world, one bagpipe playing genderqueer at a time.
2 pm-ish today I head to the airport, where I fly to Minneapolis,… 
16th-Aug-2008 12:10 pm
2 pm-ish today I head to the airport, where I fly to Minneapolis, hang out, and do interview crap at Macalester, as well as sneak into a folk show with my dad and stepmom. This is followed by a drive to Illinois, where I will see my stepsister and nephew and try not to be too gay in the Gurnee Mills Mall. Yeah, right. Then I fly to Cleveland and do interview crap at Oberlin. Then I go home. I'm back the 24th, I think.

Thursday I went up to the city after an interesting appointment and attended the info session for the LYRIC internship I'm trying to get. Afterwards I went with some of the other youth to a trans support group at this amazing health clinic nearby (so awesome!), and then I went home. And now I'm bored since I haven't left the house since.
16th-Aug-2008 10:42 pm (UTC)
Hey! Sounds intense...glad you found a group to hang with, btw. A good thing. And I will think good thoughts in the direction of whomever decides about interviews and such. (in other words, *Send acceptance letters and scholarships and stuff to this amazing person, will 'ya?!*)

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